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Longarm Quilting Services

Thread Lab is happy to offer longarm quilting services. We use a Handi Quilter Fusion with Pro-Stitcher, which allows us to offer a variety of designs, so we can always find exactly what you're looking for. 

Lead Time
Our lead time as of February 2, 2023 is 4-6 weeks for all over quilting. This time frame is changes bases on how many quilts we've taken in. Please email or call the shop (715)578-9050 for the most current information regarding lead times.

Preparing your Quilt for Quilting:
We ask that you bring us your quilt as a separate top and back. Your backing must be larger than your top. We require that your backing be at least 8" bigger than your quilt top, meaning if your top is 60" x 70", we need your backing to be 68" x 78". Your backing can be larger, but not smaller. We ask that the edges of your back are straight to facilitate the loading process.

We also ask that you check to make sure that there is minimal "fullness" in your borders and your quilt is as square as possible. In extreme cases, when your quilt is not square it can lead to wrinkles, folds, or waves in your quilt top. A quick check to see if your quilt is fairly square is to fold it in quarters and see if the outside edges line up well. Alternatively, you can take a square edge such as a ruler or a piece of paper and place it on one of your corners. Or, you can lay your quilt flat on the floor, if there is a wrinkle that you seem to chase around the outside edge and can't get to lay flat then you've got a bit of a fullness problem.

Please press or starch your quilt so there aren't (m)any wrinkles and the seams lay flat.

We carry Quilters' Dream Batting by the yard. We keep Quilters Dream Select Cotton, 80/20 Cotton/Poly Blend, and Bamboo in stock, but can special order anything you want from Quilters Dream directly. If you'd like a full list of the Quilters Dream offerings, please visit:
You are welcome to provide your own batting, but we have found that there are some brands of batting that do not quilt well and lead to subpar results. We do not accept Warm & Natural Batting. If you have any questions about this, please call the shop.

Quilts are priced per square inch based on the design. Designs range from $0.02 to $0.035 per square inch. 

Additional Costs

Minimum Charge $30.00
Thread $10.00
Piece Backing $20.00/seam

Example: Quilt measures 60" x 70" 
60 x 70 = 4200 square inches
4200 x (design cost, ex: 0.02) = $84.00 + $10.00 thread charge = $94.00

* We do not provide custom quilting at this time.

How do I drop my quilt off?
Drop-offs and picks up happen right at our shop located at 301 Main St E Suite A in Menomonie, WI. 

What designs do I have to choose from?
Below are the designs that we currently have available. If you prefer a different pattern or don't see something that fits your needs, we can find exactly what you're looking for. If you prefer to discuss designs with the long arm quilter, please call the store ahead of time to make an appointment with Mackenzie. Otherwise, you can choose your design when you drop your quilt off or leave it up to the quilter to choose. Designs are priced based on the complexity. Note, changes to the size and repeat of the design may affect the overall cost.

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Miscellaneous Designs
Texture / Geometric Designs
Seasonal Designs
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